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David Barclay Niven (1864-1942)
Herbert Hardy Wigglesworth (1866-1947)

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Herbert Hardy Wigglesworth was born on 2 Nov 1866 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland . His sister, Sarah Selina Wigglesworth later married David Barclay Niven, at Coupar, Fife, in 1895.
Herbert Hardy Wigglesworth, 1866-1949 (died 2/8/49)
Lived 18 Maddox St, London W in 1890 and 5 Spencer Park, Wandsworth Common. Later at 34 Mecklenburg Sq (1900)
Articled to Matthew and Mackenzie, 1883-8, and assistant to them for 4 months. Assist to George & Peto (1889-90) Assistant to George Brown Post of NY, traveled to Italy, France, Belgium, and Germany. Passed qualifying exams in 1890 and elected to ARIBI in 1891.
Commenced practice with David Barclay Niven in 1893 and until 1927, as Niven & Wigglesworth. Later in practice with Alexander George Robertson McKenzie.
Made Knight of the order of Vasa by King Gustav of Sweden.
David Barclay Niven (1864-1942). Born Scotland, died 9/1/1942.
Lived 2 Colchester St London in 1889.
Pupil of Charles Ower and Leslie Ower of Dundee (1881-5). Assistant to Sir John Aston Webb 1889-91. Traveled to France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and US. Worked in Genoa, Italy in 1891. Passed qualifying exams in 1889 and elected to ARIBA 13.1/1890. Commenced independent practice in 1891 before teaming up with Wigglesworth and was in practice with Arthur William Kenyon after 1927.
Work by the partners included-
The Officer's Annexe to the Scandinavian Sailors Temperance Home, a striking building in revival Baroque style built in 1903.
The Courier Building (home of the D. C. Thomson newspaper empire) was opened at No. 22 Meadowside, Dundee, in 1902.


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