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Charles John Phipps & Arthur Bloomfield Jackson
Charles J Phipps 1835-1897

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Charles John Phipps was one of the first architects to specialise in theatre design, at the age of 29 designing the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. Phipps was a prolific theatre designer and his other commissions include the Savoy Theatre, Nottingham's Theatre Royal, The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, Her Majesties, Haymarket, The Royal Theatre, Northampton, Theatre Royal Bath, The Lyceum in Edinburgh and the Theatre Royal Glasgow.
Arthur Blomfield Jackson of Holborn was connected with St. Mary & St. Paul , Wennington (c.1917) and St. Barnabas, King Square, Finsbury, (c.1914) It is also known that he directed alterations to the Strand Theatre in 1900.
Extracted from Directory of British Architects 1834-1914, British Architectural Library.


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