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Medallions to Charles Lamb & John Keats

J J Mc Donald wrote that one reason why Edwards funded a library at Edmonton was that both Charles Lamb and John Keats had lived near by. Consequently shortly after the library was open he sought permission to provide commemorative plaques to be fixed to the library walls. The works were executed by George Frampton ARA.

Charles Lamb was born in London and educated at Christ's Hospital. He was writer and poet within the Romantic Movement and was associated with Coleridge, Byron and Shelley. He suffered from insanity during the early period of his adult life as did his sister, Mary who whilst temporarily insane stabbed and fatally wounded her mother. .

John Keats was born in London in 1795 and educated at a school in Enfield. Although initially studying medicine he gave this up to write poetry. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest English poets and a major figure in the Romantic Movement. He suffered from ill health due to Tuberculosis and died in Rome in 1821.

Charles Lamb 1775-1834.
John Keats 1795-1821
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October 3, 2007