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John Passmore Edwards


Busts and Memorial tablets
One of Passmore Edwards's early publications was the "Lives of the Illustrious". He later celebrated the lives of those that he found worthy by dedicating his buildings to their memory and incommissioning busts and memorial tablets to be errected in public buildings and museums.

In A Few Footprints Passmore Edwards said ".. for many years I have been privileged to place in town halls, or other public buildings, medallions or busts of famous men or women near where they were born, or where they lived or died. In doing so we gratefully remember illustrious and usuful lives into whose labours we have entered, and keep before us examples of worthy admiration"

Charles Lamb
Charles Dickens
John Keats
Sir William Herschel
Sir Henry Austin Layard
Matthew Arnold
Sir William Molesworth
Benjamin Jowett
Leigh Hunt
Richard Trevithick
John Ruskin
Couch Adams
G F Watts RA
Charles Buller
Robert Browning
William Ewart
Elizabeth Browning
John Milton
William Morris
Daniel Defoe
John Bunyan
Oliver Cromwell
Elizabeth Fry
George Whitefield
Michael Faraday
James Martineau
Joseph Lancaster


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