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Woodgreen Cottage Hospital Physical health is the basis of mental, industrial, and national health, and of moral and material wealth. Without a strong foundation we cannot get, and ought not to expect, a strong superstructure; and both foundation and superstructure will depend on the health of the units forming the whole. Hospital accommodation assists to repair and build up these units, and thereby promotes both individual and general well-being; consequently, hospitals have a claim on the sympathy and assistance of healthful people.
This would be the case if only physical advantages were derivable from such aid. But hospitals promote the moral as well as the physical health of the people, in as much as their existence and action, and the methods adopted to maintain them, are productive of private and collective kindliness.
Hospitals are as sacred as churches, and are entitled to as much consideration as churches, if not more; and nurses are entitled to as much consideration as clergymen, if not more. Many a man and woman, boy and girl, leave hospitals improved in heart as well as health. Many a tender tale and touching anecdote or incident, the result of experience, is told from day to day in humble homes by patients who have undergone hospital treatment. Hospitals, in fact, sweeten the breath and improve the tone of society. Liskeard hospital in 2004
Such moral fruitage alone more than compensates for all the means and activity invested in hospital husbandry. Acting under this conviction, I have provided hospital buildings where none existed before-at Falmouth, Liskeard, Willesden, Wood Green, Acton, Tilbury, East Ham, Sutton in Surrey; a new wing, with accommodation for twenty-four beds, to the West Ham Hospital, and a children's wing to the Women's Hospital, Redruth. Four of the hospitals mentioned-those of Willesden, Wood Green, Tilbury, and Acton-have, since their erection, been enlarged and unitedly more than doubled in bed and other accommodation; thus proving that they have not only met local wants and answered their intended purpose in their respective districts, but have sensibly lessened the pressure on the great metropolitan hospitals.
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