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John Keats- Edmonton Public Library
Charles Lamb- Edmonton Public Library.
Sir William Molesworth 1810-1855
Sir Austin Henry Layard
It is a pleasing duty to place tablets over the doorways of houses in which remarkable men or women were born or may have lived, as the London County Council are now occasionally doing. It is, I think, still more pleasing to place memorial busts of such people, executed by competent artists, in public halls or institutions, as houses, and particularly in London, pass away in obedience to changing circumstances. In the one case we have the record of a fact, which is desirable; in the other case we have not only a similar record, but a fac simile, in marble or in bronze, of the head and features of the memorialised man or woman.
Such portraits so placed are as interesting as they are instructive, and as commemorative as they are enduring. Hence for many years I have been privileged to place in town halls, or other public buildings, medallions or busts of famous men or women near where they were born, or where they lived or died. In so doing we gratefully remember illustrious and useful lives into whose labours we have entered, and keep before us examples worthy of admiration.
I have placed medallions of Charles Lamb and John Keats in the Public Library, Edmonton; of Sir Henry Austin Layard and Sir William Molesworth in the Public Library, Borough Road; and of Leigh Hunt in the Public Library, Shepherd's Bush.
I have also placed marble busts of John Ruskin, G. F. Watts, R.A., Robert Browning, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning in the Camberwell Art Gallery; of William Morris in the Town Hall, Walthamstow; of Hogarth in the Town Hall, Chiswick; of Richardson, the novelist, in St. Bride's Institute; of Elizabeth Fry in the New Municipal Buildings, East Ham; of Emerson, James Martineau, Charles Dickens, Sir Wm. Herschel, Matthew Arnold, and Benjamin Jowett in the Settlement, Tavistock Place ; of Richard Trevithick in the Public Library, Camborne; of Adams, the mathematician, in the Public Library, Launceston; of Charles Buller in the Public Library, Liskeard; of William Ewart, the author and promoter of the Public Libraries Act in Parliament, in the Westminster Public Library; of John Milton, Daniel Defoe, John Bunyan, and Oliver Cromwell in the Cripplegate Institute; of George Whitefleld in the Tabernacle, Tottenham Court Road; and of Michael Faraday and Joseph Lancaster in the Borough Road Polytechnic.
These will be followed by many others entitled to similar commemoration.
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