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The Autobiography of John Passmore Edwards




I have again and again been asked by publishers and literary interviewers to write a biographical sketch of myself, or to supply, or assist in supplying, the necessary materials the purpose; but I have always declined, because I thought that anything I may have said or done was scarcely entitled to such specific notice and also because I had not finished the educational and ameliorative work I had marked out for myself. Many sketches and accounts, however, of one kind or another, have, from time to time, been published in magazines or newspapers without my concurrence or consent and all of them, as far as I know, have been more or less inaccurate.

For instance, one account, recently published in book form, and consisting of 160 pages, says:-" In the year 1889 the Rev. C. F. Mythian, Vicar of Blackwater, and president of its little Institute, wrote Mr. Passmore Edwards asking his assistance in the shape of books." The author should have said, if he said anything, "The Rev. C F Rogers, Vicar of Mythian," as Blackwater, my birthplace, is only a small village in the parish of Mythian. Referring to my first engagement on the Press, the author says: "He obtained a post on the Citizen paper, published in Manchester." He should have said the Sentinel newspaper, published in London. Another writer in another publication says I" bought The Builder from Mr. George Maddick." He should have said, if he said anything, that I bought The Building News from Messrs. Kelly. I ought perhaps to share the blame for the publication of such inaccuracies, as I have declined opportunities offered me to supply data and correct proofs. Unfortunately, these and other mistakes have been reproduced in other publications; and to prevent, if possible, their recurrence, and in the interest of fact and self-protection, I have jotted down the following fragmentary reminiscences.

April 18, 2005
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