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These notes, fragmentary as they are, would be more so if I omitted to mention a few minor matters which were conceived and carried out in a similar spirit to the larger ones, and which unitedly involved as much cost and care as either of the groups of institutions referred to. I have publicly opened several libraries which I did not build-namely, the public libraries at Canning Town, Stoke Newington, Barking, Bromley-by-Bow, Tottenham, Walthamstow, the Central Library and Technical Institute at West Ham, Ramsgate, and the library of the Borough Road Polytechnic. In every instance when I have declared a public library opened I have presented it with a thousand or more volumes. I have equipped a boys' reading room at the Cripplegate Institution, and a technical library for the printing and allied trades at St. Bride's Institution. I have also during the last twenty years presented upwards of 80,000 volumes to libraries, reading-rooms, workmen's clubs, schools, hospitals, etc.-varying in number from a hundred volumes to a club to five thousand volumes to the Ocean Library, under the control of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society, Commercial Road, Limehouse. I have added an English Literature Scholarship to the Oxford University; an endowment for free lectures to London public libraries; an endowment for historical teaching at University Hall, Clare Market; a Perpetual Pension for the Printers' Pension Society; a similar pension for the Actors' Benevolent Society; a similar pension for the Oddfellows' fraternity; a public garden for Woolwich,' and a life-boat for Broughty Ferry, near Dundee.
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