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Redruth Drinking Fountain



The West Briton of 8 May 1890 reported on the gift of the John Bright Memorial Fountain in Victoria Park, London and commented that Passmore Edwards had offered to instal a similar fountain in Redruth, in memory of his mother. The newspaper reported that no site for a fountain had been chosen at that time but two were suggested. One was immediately in front of the Wesleyan Chapel and the other being in front of Odgen's Hotel. There is no such fountain in either of those positions and so it is not clear as to whether the local Board were able to conclude the arrangements with Passmore Edwards. The Victoria Park was set out in Redruth to commemorate the Golden Jubilee and there is a very simple drinking in the park, the only drinking fountain that I can find in Redruth. Whether, or not, this is the fountain given by Passmore Edwards I do not know but it is not of the "quality" one generally associated with his bequests.
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