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John Passmore Edwards


Hospitals and Homes
Passmore Edwards funded many hospitals, Convalescent Homes, Children's Holiday Homes, orphanages and other institutions. mainly built to serve the communities of East London, they were built across the South and South East of England as well as in London itself.

The Caxton Convalescent home at Limpsfield

Passmore edwards House, the Furness School, Swanley

Colony for the Employment of Epileptics, Chalfont, Bucks
Cottage Hospital and Nurses home, Acton
Wood Green Cottage Hospital
Cripples Home, Bournemouth
New Wing to West Ham Hospital
Workingmen's Club Union Convalescent Home, Pegwell Bay
Caxton Convalescent Home, Limpsfield
Cottage Hospital Willesdon
Home for Little Boys, Swanley
Convalescent Home for Friendly Societies, Herne Bay
Tilbury Cottage Hospital
Children's Holiday Home, Clacton
Convalescent Home for Charing Cross Hospital, Limpsfield
Teachers Orphanage, Sydenham
Convalescent Home, Staplehurst, Kent
Railwaymen's Convalescent Home, Herne Bay
Sailors Palace, Limehouse
East Ham Hospital
Canning Town Boys Club
Sutton (Surrey) Hospital
Children's Holiday Home, Bournemouth


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