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Carmel House The Victoria Education Centre remains part of the Shaftesbury Society, a national Christian Charity providing care, education and support for children, students and adults with disabilities at over 50 sites.
Today, the Victoria Centre, comprising School, Carmel House for post 16 students, Residential Departments, Victoria Horticulture Centre and Centre for Assessment and Therapy, is recognised as one of the finest specialist centres of its kind.
The new School, opened in 1958, was situated adjacent to a Carmelite Monastery. This Victorian style building set in its own extensive wooded grounds had originally been a private residence.
The Shaftesbury Society purchased the site in the 1990's when the nuns became too old to care for themselves and the Monastery was closed. The house now provides the facilities needed for the 30 post 16 students, whilst, although residential units and a purpose built sports complex has been constructed , the remaining wooded grounds and gardens provide the necessary environment for the Horticulture Centre.
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