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St Mary's Gardens, Woolwich

Greenwich Borough Council web site

The gardens have been extended and maintained by the local authority since 1895. On 1 April 1965 Woolwich became part of the London Borough of Greenwich and the maintenance of the gardens continues under their management to this day. In 1968 the remaining memorials were removed leaving only the Tom Cribb Memorial. It was probably at this time that the fountain, erected at the expense of Passmore Edwards, was also removed but I have been unable to determine its fate.
The present retaining walls and slopes between the gardens and Woolwich High Street were built in 1966 as a part of the construction of the new terminal for the Woolwich Ferry. At this time a plague pit was found and gardeners found several lead coffins whilst landscaping the banks.
Until the 1980s there was a glasshouse in the staff yard for growing the bedding plants. There was also a plot of land, now a lawn, where shrubs and other plants were grown.
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