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The Rev C F Rogers was appointed to the parish of Mithian in 1898. On acquainting himself with the people of the Parish he considered that one of his priorities was to supplement in some way the education given in the Board and other day schools. He said that it was a great pity that the education of young people ended when they left school and that there was nowhere, especially in rural communities, where they could use the assets they had acquired.
He therefore set out to establish a reading room or institute where he could get more to know his parishioners as they organised and attended lectures and meetings and made use of what books they could acquire. Initially, he rented a small two roomed cottage and collected together a number of books. It was then that Mr W S Hooper and Mr W Symons spoke to him about Passmore Edwards and the assistance he had given to a number of local institutes and the fact that he funded an annual get together and meal for the old people of Blackwater. Rev Rogers wrote to Passmore Edwards for assistance in purchasing books for the institute and was surprised to receive a swift and positive response from him. Edwards said that if the Institute was to be managed by the people for the public good, and was not to be in any way sectarian, he would not only help, but would build an institute at his own expense. This was entirely in keeping with the Reverends views, although some parishioners did not agree with him on the criteria relating to religion, and he set about realising this generous offer
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