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Passmore Edwards Holiday Home for Children, Clacton



One of the "girls" bedrooms at the Sunday School Union,  Holiday Home  for Children, Clacton. "The home was opened on the 15 June 1899 by the Right Hon the Earl of Aberdeen. It was situated at the east end of the Marine Parade, Clacton on Sea. Standing in its own grounds of about one and three quarter acres, it commands a splendid view of the sea and of the country inland." So began a short description of this Sunday School Union Children's Holiday home published ca 1912.

The total cost of the building including land (£1000), furniture and road making, fencing. legal, architectural, and other expenses, was nearly £10,000. Towards this sum Passmore Edwards contributed £6,000.
The description of the Home, which was included in an appeal for financial support, stated that "On the ground floor are to be found splendid dining and play rooms 90 feet by 25, with windows fronting the sea. On the first and second floors are the dormitories, divided into two distinct groups for boys and girls. The rooms are of ample dimensions and no effort has been spared to make them bright and healthful. They overlook the sea, are well lighted and ventilated, and furnished with a view to home suggestion and comfort."

"The cots are single ones, all of them bearing a brass plate inscribed with the name of the school or friend who has presented it to the Home". "The playgrounds around the Home are spacious and have been fitted with swings and giant sstrides (sic). The Home accommodates over one hundred children, and is under the charge of Miss Jenkinson, the Matron, and is admirably managed." The Home was open all the year round.
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