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In 1899 a pair of semi detached cottages were adapted for use as the first Sutton Hospital. Almost immediately it was seen that this was to be insufficient to meet the needs of the area and Passmore Edwards was approached. He agreed to build a hospital on land to be provided by the community. Mr R C Foster, a local JP and later Sir

Ralph Foster, provided a site in Hill Road and Cecil Sharp was commissioned to design the new hospital with a central block for Matron and the nurses and the two 4 bed and two 2 bed wards, together with an operating theatre, being either side. . Passmore Edwards laid the foundation stone on 1 May 1901 and the hospital opened the following year. It cost £2800.
Even this accommodation was soon too small and an extension was added to bring the number of beds up to 20.
As the population grew the need for additional facilities increased and in 1927 a new site, on which the current hospital stands was purchased. The new hospital was openeed in September 1931 by Sir Alan Garrett Anderson, the son of the pioneering woman doctor.
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